a DESIGN EDGE for your BMW



MaMo designs and develops specialized products to protect and improve your BMW. Function drives the unique solutions – always with a Design Edge.


The Avant front fender extension for 2014/15 R1200RT_LC is in stock and ready to ship.  See the Avant RT_LC page.

Installation videos of X-Head_LC cylinder guards for the R1200GS_LC and R1200RT_LC, as well as the MudSling_LC suspension guard and Avant_LC  front fender extension for the GS can now be viewed on their respective product pages. 

X-Head_LC cylinder guards for the liquid-cooled GS, ADV, and RT are in stock!  They can’t be beat with broad area coverage, super tough materials technology, and modern design that complements the appearance of these significant new bikes.

The MudSling_LC, a longer, wider splash protection and rear suspension guard  for the Liquid Cooled GS/ADV is in stock!

Avant and MudSlingCover Both Ends Bundles” for the 2005~2012 R1200GS and F800/650 GS are available at a 15% savings for the pair. Click the PRODUCTS link above.

X-Head DOHC cylinder guards for the 2014 R-nineT provide the best combination of tough protection and style for the stylish R-nineT.